An excerpt from my book (once I promised) ;) do you recognize yourself?

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sábado 24 julio 2021

"...I opened a door. Behind the door was MY type of man, so mine, as if he had been sent by someone who knows me very well. He was standing, leaning against the doorframe and smiling. Tall, fit, gray hair and nice eyes. I said "Welcome" and let him in. "Hello, baby," said the brown-eyed sassy and taking my face in the hands, began to cover it with kisses, slowly pushing me into the room. Seeing my husband on the bed, he greeted and asked if he would participate or watch only. Hearing the answer, he nodded and returned to me, continuing with kisses.

To say that I was in a stupor is to say nothing. I, accustomed to a completely different manner of courtship, just smiled stupidly, the situation seemed so funny for me. "Relax, baby", said, "open your mouth," and slapped me such a deep kiss that he probably licked the tonsils. But I "relaxed" for another reason, or rather my knees buckled. He took my hand and put it in his groin. Later my husband said that he had never seen such eyes in me. The cock was huge. He was HUGE. It was a dick of this decade, a dick of the next decade, and I believe a dick of my whole life. I wanted to cry and run away. Don't laugh, despite everything ))) I'm sensitive enough for size, and I started to panic. "You are too big for me" - I managed to squeeze out of myself. "Everything will be fine, bella" said the giant, and pulled off my panties, thrust his head between my legs.

Yes. It was fine. It was very good. It was hurt, but it was hurt sweetly. It was the dirtiest, most elegant, most intense MMF of my life. We were wet with sweat, saliva, sperm - everything as I like, but so much concentrated that at times seemed that I lose consciousness..."

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Such an arousing story experience should be accompanied with pictures 😜 ... but we enjoyed it very much nevertheless 💋

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Very nice