Sex vacation in Barcelona - This summer, July 2017

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sábado 25 febrero 2017

Every year we try to do at least 3 XXX-adventures abroad. For a long time we´ve had our eyes on Barcelona and now it´s finally time to explore some of the sexual secrets the city and its people has to offer. is one place we for sure wanna visit and it would be even more exciting if we could go there together with another couple similar to us, both when it comes to age range and turn-ons.

We will of course stay at a hotel for some nights since the lady here loves hotel breakfast´s and the man finds the suites being perfect to photograph erotic art within. But we would also find it very thrilling and edgy to be invited into someones house for a couple of days. That way we can get really close both other people and the lifestyle they live.

So, for this sexual adventure we would like to make plans in advance with people living in Barcelona and who share our passion for enjoying sex together with others.

We are open for all kinds of invitations. Sex partys, stay-overs, restaurant dates, nude beaches/places, hidden away pleasure house´s, etc. Any serious proposal will be considered and we will of course make a real effort to get to know you more closely before we make any final decisions together.

If you wanna be a part of our up-coming summer sex vacation in Barcelona this July 2017 you are more than welcome to send a well-written email/message to us, in which you tell us your plans and ideas for a spectacular time together. If we find your summarize and profile being something for us we will move the dialogue further and suggest a SKYPE video call.

Please! Don´t forget to read our info in the presentation here before you make contact though. We will ignore all kind of communication with those who obviously don´t respect or understand us. Sex for us is an important part of the life we life together, and to share it with others is something we love to do!

Barcelona here we cum:)

/ Karoline & Peter

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Hey Karoline & Peter,

Barcelona is a great place and Oops a very nice club.... take a look here as this could be an option for you: